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Circuit Color

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Circuit Color with Ohm's Law Calculator - Circuit Color -
App designed with electricians and electrical engineers in mind.
Whether you're out working in the field pulling in wire and cabling, or you're in the office bidding/designing electrical systems, Circuit Color will help you quickly and easily figure out what color of wire is used for different circuits.
Circuit Color is simple to use, only requires 3 steps:1) Enter the circuit number you require2) Pick the system you are on (120/208/240 or 277/480)3) Hit enter!
App will clearly display what color of wire you should use with the circuit you entered.
Circuit Color will save contractors time and money by making electricians more efficient. No more pulling in the wrong color of wire because you calculated wrong, no more looking for cheat sheets.
- Ohm's Law Calculator -
Simple and easy to use Ohm's law calculator that will tell you power, current, resistance, or voltage of a circuit.
Enter 2 known values, press enter, and Ohm's law calculator will figure out unknown values.

- MORE COMING SOON -I will continue to update and add to this app!
Should you have a bug or problem with the app, please feel free to contact me:
Thanks for taking the time to check out my app!
The National Electrical Code (NEC) does not require ungrounded conductors (hots) to be color coded.

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